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4/8/17 10:44 am DAY 3 - THE SPIRIT OF FIRST

FIRST Robotics is an incredible program. Through it, I've made friends and connections, learned to work in a professional environment. I've learned the value of communication while in the pits, and the necessity of diligent work through my deliverables (one of which you are reading right now). FIRST has so much to offer this generation of students and innovators.

But to me, the spirit of FIRST lies in the people. Never have I ever seen such clean play, good sportsmanship, and meaningful friendships. I can't count how many times during this competition that I have walked up to another person I don't know and struck up a conversation because I could. People at this event and all across FIRST are interested and engaged with the people and the world around them.

I feel blessed to be able to attend this event and to get to know people and teams from all over the Pacific Northwest.

4/8/17 9:25 am DAY 3 - PAPA BEAR

Opening ceremonies started with an amusing introduction to today's MC. He was buried in fuel, in the red airship, it was like a ball pit! Very quickly, they started to announce a few awards, including the Woody Flowers Finalist award.

Our very own Ken Luthy was up as a contender for the award, and we all held their breath as Stokely announced the award. As soon as we heard "Papa Bear", the entire team launched ourselves onto our feet, cheering and crying while Luthy accepted the award. We're so proud of Luthy, and I'm proud of all the other mentors who have been nominated for the award, because I think every mentor deserves it.

Congratulations Papa Bear, and good job Mentors!

4/7/17 5:47 pm DAY 2 - GIRLS IN FIRST

I have just gotten back from a presentation by our General Team Manager on girls in FIRST teams. The results are astounding, and I encourage you to read them in our Female Involvement Blog! I think you might just learn a thing or two.

4/7/17 2:50 pm DAY 2 - INTERFERENCE

After two matches of robots randomly not responding, field officials figured out the issue; the University's WiFi has been interfering with the field's WiFi systems, causing robots to lose connectivity. I bring this up only to stress that it's important to abide by all regulations. They're in place for a reason, so I hope that no one starts up a hot-spot in the stands.

4/7/17 11:24 am DAY 2 - COOL TECH

I am not a dedicated scout; I'll be a backup scout, but I'm not part of that subteam. But, I was just blown away by the tech that they have for scouting! First off, one of our team members made a scouting app for us to use. Then, we're able to scan a generated QR code into Excel that inputs all of the data from that scout's match! It's really incredible, I can't wait to get in on that innovation!

4/7/17 10:04 am DAY 2 - FUEL!

Not too long ago, we had a stellar qualifying match! I would like to congratulate our friends in Bear Metal for the first 40 kilo-pascal match of the competition! It was stunning to watch the fuel flying through the air, as our tension rises with the pressure. Cheering exploded as they breached the 40 kilo-pascal mark.


While the people in the stands await for the events of the day to begin, a line of mascots twice the field's length long dances on the gamle floor. Close to 20 teams had full fur-suit mascots, while other teams, like ours, paraded in team colors, happy to be there!

Just after the mascots, the opening ceremony commenced, playing not one, but two welcome vidoes! They debuted a new video from Dean and Woody, which welcomed all the teams to the district championships.

Next, the FIRST coordinator from Oregon gave us an explosive demonstration- he made a boiler explosion! He put about a liter of liquid nitrogen into a 2 liter soda bottle, and screwed on the cap. After dropping the bottle in a trash can, some assistants filled the can with fuel balls! after 10 seconds, the bottle exploded, sending fuel all the way up to the high ceiling!

Finally, after more coordinators conversed with the stands about scholarships, college, and the likes, we were treated to a beautiful live performance of the National Anthem.


You always hear a collective groan resound across the masses when we hear the gut-wrenching bellow of a fog horn; no one wants to hear that there's a field error. As it turns out, there was issues with the rotors on an air ship.

However, it's not all bad when the field breaks, as the DJ is quick to find the perfect mood lifting song, which quickly gets everyone dancing the Cupid Shuffle, the Macarena, or another crowd favorite.

4/6/17 1:50 pm DAY 1 - THE STANDS

Ever wonder what it's like to watch an FRC event? For one, there's always excitement in the air. Even if you sit next to someone you don't know, you're bound to make a new friend.

Secondly, the food is great. There's always a concession stand full of food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the meals in between.

Finally, you'll be able to experience the spirit of FIRST for yourself. Everyone is so welcoming, you'll feel right at home no matter where you are.

4/6/17 12:48 pm DAY 1 - LUNCH

Our noon strategy sessions took place in and under a stairwell while we ate delicious sandwiches provided for us by EWU. Qualification matches will start at 2 o'clock, giving us another hour to eat and prepare to compete. In the meantime, food!

4/6/17 9:43 am DAY 1 - AUTONOMI AND SHOOTERS

With practice matches well under way, those of us in the stands have seen some impressive feats. During our first practice match, we loaded up one of our six autonomi modes. In a different match, we saw 2046's impressive shooter rack up points in the high goal.


When you walk into breakfast at Tawanka hall, you might not expect amazing food. Before I walked in, I was imagining the breakfasts I got in middle school. However, I was pleasently surprised by a large buffet of food waiting for us. Anything you could want was there, from your average scrambled eggs to yogurt to biscuits & gravy! We all ate to our hearts content, ready for the long day ahead of us.

4/5/17 7:03 pm DAY 0 - DORM ROOMS

We're tired, but EWU had graciously hosted us, so it's time to head to our dorms! We picked up our keys earlier in the day and ate a few minutes ago. In need of a little of R&R, we hurriedly explore the maze of hallways.

I am happy to report that the beds are comfy, the rooms are spacious, and the people are helpful. I love these dorms.

4/5/17 1:45 pm DAY 0 - BRIGHT SPOT

As of right now, our team is being divvied up into volunteer groups. One group is already working at setting up tables in the pits. Another small group is constructing our pit. The third and final group, the one I'm in, is welcoming the incoming teams and helping them unload their pits. We're so happy and honored to be helping!

4/5/17 7:05 am DAY 0 - THE JOURNEY

7:05 - North on I-5.
7:20 - Exit onto Highway 18 East.
7:47 - My van choice was perfect; there's jelly beans in here!
8:05 - One hour in, exit onto I-90 East.
8:26 - At Snoqualmie Pass Summit, tons of snow on the ground.
9:23 - Rest stop break in Ellensburg.
10:00 - Return to I-90 East.
10:25 - Crossing the magnificient Columbia River.
11:40 - Lunch break, it's really warm out.
12:22 - Return to I-90 East.
12:54 - Exit onto Highway 904 East.
1:06 - We arrive at Eastern Washington University in Cheney!!!

4/5/17 7:05 am DAY 0 - DEPARTURE

It's 7:05, and we are on our way. It's a rainy, dreary morning, but we're anything but depressed. The drive out to Cheney is a long one, through mountains and across the eastern plateau. Despite the journey, we are all excited to arrive in Cheney this afternoon!

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