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CPR Certification

This week in robotics, I gained CPR certification. At first I thought it a peculiar acquirement from a robotics team, but I quickly learned why it was necessary for me to have this skill. Many unprecedented troubles could arise performing all the tasks in this robotics class. Such as working in the shop. Working in the shop is a vital part of day to day robotics but it can also be dangerous. And in case those unfortunate mishaps do occur, I concur that it is crucial to know CPR. Other places where CPR would be required are the times when the team heads out to attend events.

During the CPR day, I learned how to perform a proper chest compression and how many compressions I should do. I also learned how to use a breathing cover in order to deploy rescue breaths. More importantly, however, I learned how to recognize a situation where someone is in danger and how to react to it. I know that my first priority would be to make sure that somebody is calling the emergency medical services and, if need be, somebody should be getting the AED. Meanwhile, I can perform CPR if necessary in order to provide time for medical services to arrive. I will not say that I will be completely prepared if a dangerous situation does arise, but I will say that I am now more confident in my abilities to react to a situation.

-Sumneet B

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