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A poem

Updated: Jan 8, 2018

Do you see that? Over there?

Just there, across the way?

It's the SOTAbots,

They are at bay.

As they approach you see

They're confident in yellow,

They're peppy and upbeat,

Anything but mellow.

The way they look when they yell

2557! 2557!

They look so happy like

They've died and gone to heaven.

They're screaming, screaming,

Screaming loud,

Using every ounce of voice

To show that they're proud

Of their team; the SOTAbots,


Their pure joy and energy

Can't help but be caught.

Their shirts, neon yellow,

They stand out in a crowd,

They're standing, and waiting

To say their statement loud.

They may be extravagant,

Flamboyant, and crazy,

But their hard work and kindness

Make their community amazing.

By working with museums,

Children and schools,

It shows that they work

With the simplest of tools.

Kindness, generosity,

Honesty and care,

Giving every single person

More than their share.

For we are the SOTAbots!

And we are more than proud!

We're screaming freaking yellow,

And we're gonna make it loud.

-Silver Lippert

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