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Summer Outreach

The SOTAbots had a great day visiting our alumna Jillian Kelley's preschoolers this Wednesday! We brought our big competition robot, Mothman, along with smaller FIRST Lego League sized robots the kids could drive themselves! We met with 7 classrooms filled with kids between the ages 1 and 6! They all got a kick out of seeing one of our programmers and GM drive the robot, although some of them found it a little scary due to it making quite the racket when it's using the lift! They were also able to take turns with the FLL bots, which eventually lead to mini battle bots, which was super cool for both the kids, and us! After we left the preschool we made a stop at Aluminium and Bronze Fabricator, one of our sponsors who provided us with a scale for our practice field this year! We drove the robot around for a bit and even demonstrated our climbing mechanism on a bar for them! Overall it was a very good day for the SOTAbots in the community. Between showing playing with robots with kids and being able to thank our sponsors, our team had a blast on our first summer outreach trip!

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