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Today, once again the SOTAbots got up and congregated at iDEA from all corners of Tacoma to work on various projects. That includes the Chairman’s video, engineering notebook and the Chairman’s Essay, which are all underway and really taking shape. Media is working on emailing people to find the perfect backdrop for the Chairman’s video, and they are also sifting through photos to find the best ones, while taking more photos of what’s happening in the shop for the engineering notebook. The build team is taking on more projects, such as taking apart a claw, and creating our cube intake prototype. The programming subteam is working on lidar, but even more so, they are troubleshooting the robot, Pathfinder, to find all the glitches in the matrix. PR is making posters to advertise for our pizza fundraiser (You should really go!!), to advertise to the everyone, everywhere (Including you, GOOOO) to attend the fundraiser. And today, we had mentors to guide each subteam’s endeavours and help us be the best we could possibly be. (Seriously, GO TO THE PIZZA FUNDRAISER!!)

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