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Build Efficeincy

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

I guarantee a mentor who had not been with us for two years would struggle to recognize our team. Not because it is a different game. Not because there are new students. Not because we are in a different building. It’s because we are crazy efficient.

The build team has grown by leaps and bounds in this aspect. Right off the bat today we discussed every mechanism as a build team, and are now in organized prototyping groups. It is only the fourth day of the build season! Every group is hard at work sketching and CAD-ing. Even that is new. Last year was the first time we seriously tried to design in CAD, and we have even stepped up our game since then. New to this year too is overhead organization. As an experienced build member, it is my job along with Noah and Charles to help the groups and make sure mechanisms fit together.

All this change, I can’t stress enough how incredible it is. It shows how high school students can work as if they were Real World engineers. Gaining that knowledge and experience is priceless.

Don’t you think that mentor would be proud?

By: Seth

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