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Kickoff/ Miniterm Day 5

The SOTAbots have had a crazy few days. A Lot has happened since the last post. On Saturday they had kickoff. The team got to see what the game was for the year. After they watched the video the team split up and went to different rooms in the school so they could brainstorm with other teams. They spent an hour talking about their thoughts and read the manual. Kickoff ended at 11. The SOTAbots then headed to 1950 at SOTA where the team had a kickoff potluck. The team and parents got together, shared food and traded ideas. The very next day the SOTAbots went to Bellarmine prep High school to a strategy session. They spent 4 hours there coming up with ideas and figuring out what's the best plan to get the most points and how they can do that with keeping in the rules. On Monday the team got together at Idea for class. The day started off with a test about the game .The rest of the day was spent coming up with what they want there robot to do in the game and how the robot is going to do that. The team worked hard and came up with many amazing ideas.

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