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Miniterm Day 3

Updated: Jan 5, 2018

Team 2557, started at the school of Industrial Design Engineering and Art(IDEA). The sotabots just started miniterm. You may ask what's miniterm. well it's where The School Of The Art (SOTA), The Science And Math Institute (SAMI), and (IDEA) mix together and the students get to pick a class to take for the whole month of January at any of the three schools. Today in minitrem for the sotabots the finished their CPR and first aid training in the morning. After lunch they split into sub teams. Awards are hard at working editing the chairman's essay,and helping build make a engineering notebook .Build team Is getting hyped of for the kickoff of the season on saturday. They are taking test on how to use the machines so we know they are using them safely. Media is well all over the place they are taking pictures of what everyone is doing. They also are starting to build the chairman's video. Outreach is emailing schools so the team can go to those schools and talk to the kids about robotics and steam. Programing are starting to brainstorm on who should do what during the season. They are hard at working making sure they have everything. Public Relations are calling possibly investors for the team. They are also planning are big fundraiser. Two more days till kickoff and you can feel the excitement in the room its charging everyone with power.

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