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Miniterm Day 6

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Today the team took their second test about the game, today was on robot rules. After taking the test and grading them, the team went to sub teams. Each team has a lot on their plate there are 6 weeks before everything has to be done. Awards is hard at work editing and grammar checking the Chairmans essay. Now what is the Chairmans essay? Its is the most prestigious award a team can get. It honors the team that is the best mold for other teams. The build team is using cad on computers to prototype ideas for the robot. They are also using 3D designing to show what the robot needs. Media is working on making safety posters and making a new video for the week. Outreach is emailing the rescue mission and bill gates. They are hard at work to find more ways for the team to get out into the public. Programing is working on grip and vision processing for programing. Public Relations is emailing business who they called last week, they are also sending thank you letters. After lunch the team got together for some bonding time. The team started learning the dances that they will be dancing at events. It was amazing to see them laughing and having fun together as they learn the dances

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