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Miniterm Day 7 and 8

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

The 10th and the 11th of January started off like any normal day. In the morning they watched a video of an old game, but 5 of the SOTAbots went to Franklin elementary. The 5 teammates went to the school and talked to 4 classes about STEAM. They went and told kids about the amazing job they could get being involved in STEAM. After lunch the team got back together. They took their 4th and 5th test on those days. They learned another dance for events, and after the dance they split into sub teams. Awards worked hard on the Chairmans essay and working on the engineering notebook. Build is working on cad building 3D models of the robot. Media is working on making a video and t-shirts for season. Outreach is emailing Washington elementary. Programing is building their own programing. They are making processors and putting it together with Robot Java. What they are trying to do is make processor play nice with robot java so they don’t have to use both. Public Relations is working on calling business and planning the fundraiser. Scouting is planning a meeting for other members of scouting.

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