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PID- A programming blog

Last Sunday, the programming sub-team met with its mentors to strategize and allocate the projects that will be associated with programming this year’s robot. I was assigned to research and work on PID with Elanor. At first, I was frightened at the prospect of learning an entirely new principle with only one other person to help me, as learning PID will be vital to the success of our robot this season. However, I’ve gotten a lot done thanks to the help of Elanor, our wonderful mentors, and the rest of the programming team.

PID, or Proportional Integral Derivative is a very complex topic. It incorporates complicated ideas from calculus such as integrals and derivatives that I haven’t learned yet, but with help from the rest of the team, I’ve had a lot of success in undertaking it despite my limited knowledge. That’s one of the coolest aspects of the SOTAbots; we’re able to tackle professional level projects and complete them with a high level of success, all thanks to our effective cooperation. SOTAbots is an example of the ability of teamwork to solve challenging problems with effective solutions. If every human on earth could collaborate like the SOTAbots, the world would have less problems and would be a better place overall.

-Hayden F

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