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Week One, Beginning Robotics:

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

I haven’t really had a lot of experience in robotics. I only have taken one class that had any relation to robots. So why did I join robotics and what did I learn so far? Well, I joined robotics to create something and build. I had my share in experiences on what I want to do in the future like media, business, art, and much more. None of them really seemed to fit, but art. Which according to google means, “creative activity.” So, along the way I eventually came across engineering, and now thinking about it engineering kept coming up in my life though I haven’t really understood it until now.  

I continued to explore this concept through a school called IDEA. Throughout my elementary and middle school days robotics wasn’t really talked about or even mentioned, half of the time no one knew that the robotics team existed. So, hearing about a robotics club in IDEA excited me and motivated me to ask my mentor where I could join. Thus, beginning my journey in robotics leading me to today. This week I have learned some terms, rules, and even got to use the ban saw to create something. I haven’t really done that much this week, but this excites me and encourage me to do more in this miniterm. However, I am not one hundred percent sure that I would want to continue this way. Join me next week where we see the path, I am going to take coming across this big fork in the road. 

By: Natalie 

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